Friday, October 23, 2015

What's for supper???....Soup Beans, Fried Potatoes and Cornbread.

 What's for supper?  Richard asked for soup beans so I just popped open a jar and heated them up!  So fast and easy when you can them.
 Richard likes soup beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread crumbled up in a big bowl with some diced onion mixed in. 
 This is such a quick mean for me to fix when I already have the pinto beans canned and the cornbread in the freezer.  Basically all that I have to do is warm the stuff up and fry some potatoes.
 I usually just eat the beans and cornbread but he like fried potatoes so that's why I didn't fix a lot of them.  He also likes them crispy so they are in the process for frying here.
 The beans get so thick in the jar that you have to "rake" them out with a spoon.  I add a little water to thin them a little.  I love having them in the pantry. 
 So that's what we had for dinner and I didn't have to work for hours preparing it. 



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