Saturday, October 10, 2015

Stocking the Pantry

 This post is all about "Stocking the Pantry".  A little background first.  Some of you know that I live in a rural area and for those of you that don't....I live in a very rural area, up on a big hill called, "Top of the World"  That should give you an idea of the area.  LOL!  I live one mile back on this hill so sometimes during the winter I worry about having stocked groceries when I can't get out.  I almost panic!  

So I try to watch the sale ads and stock up when I can.  My boys are big eaters so we spend more on groceries than anything else.  

A few weeks ago Food City had peanut butter on sale for .99 a jar.  One week they had the store brand and the next week they had Jif for the same price of .99!  I ended up with 21 jars!  This may seem like a lot of peanut butter but we will go through it pretty quick. 
 Andrew eats at least one peanut butter sandwich a day.  I also make a lot of No Bake Cookies for Richard and Hunter.  During the holidays I do a lot of candy so this will not last long, but at least I got it at a good price.  

During the same sale they had Smucker's Grape Jelly for the same price of .99 each.  Can you tell that I am a little OCD cause I have all of my jar lids turned the same way.  :)
 I ended up with 16 jars of grape jelly.  I do make my own homemade jelly that usually doesn't last long but this was too cheap to pass up.  I checked the date and they are all good for a few more years so none of it will go to waste.  

This is how I stock my pantry!  Watch sales and don't buy anything that we don't eat!!!  I'll be posting recipes along as I use this peanut butter and jelly.

How do you stock your pantry?


  1. I need good pantry space but there is only the two of us and we would not go through that much of some of those things - but wonderful when you have kids in the house

  2. I wait and get the things we use (name brands) at the BOGO sales at our supermarket, stock up on pantry things at Sams or Walmart as well. Flour and sugar at Sam's club in 10 pound sacks is much cheaper.. and I seem to go through it way too fast. Have you seen the make your own mixes site? I'm going to try the brownie mix and the maple and brown sugar oatmeal. =)