Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blog Intro...

I have decided to start a new blog along with my quilt blog,  This blog will be dedicated to my frugal living on the farm.  It will consist of ways that we cut back and save on anything and everything that we possibly can including our groceries. 

I realized that we spend more money on groceries than anything else.  We are a family of 4 and everyone seems to be on a different schedule.  My husband, Richard works as a nurse. My oldest son, Andrew works with Autistic children.  My youngest son, Hunter is in school...he is 13.  I am a simple homemaker and I love it!  

We grow a garden every year and I can or freeze all that our garden provides.  I also love canning meat.  My family are big meat eaters.  Meat is very expensive so I always watch for sales and my hubby and boys are big hunters as well.  I do use a few coupons and watch the sales and try to plan our meals ahead.   Canning and freezing work well for our family.  It also gives me more time to work on my quilts, not to mention I know exactly what goes in each meal.  

Please check back for lots of tips and recipes!!!!  


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this blog, Kristie. Thanks for posting. I did not know Andrew had changed jobs. I thought he still worked on the barge with your mom.

  2. Did you boil the chicken bones for broth? That would be ingredients for other meals
    I do like you but with our empty nest I need to dial it down which I have trouble doing.