Sunday, November 8, 2015

Baking with Bananas!

 I was gifted a box of BANANAS!  So not to let them go to waste, I started baking....and baking....and baking. 
 Here is the box of bananas that I started with. 
 I started with the best of the bananas and loaded the dehydrator.  In the photo you can see the banana chips in the jar.  That jar was one dehydrator full.  I have the second batch in the dehydrator now and I will have one more batch after that.  If you have never tried dehydrated bananas, they are sooooo good.  A yummy little snack. 
 This is where I have stopped for the day.  4 loaves of banana bread, 4 loaves of chocolate cinnamon banana bread, 4 loaves of strawberry banana bread, 2 mini loaves of strawberry banana bread, 5 mini loaves of banana bread, and 1 chocolate cinnamon banana bread (that Hunter started eating) and a jar of banana chips and more in the dehydrator!
 All of the loaves will be wrapped and put in the freezer and will last for months.  I may also give some as gifts.  All of these are so tasty with some powdered sugar icing drizzled over the top.

Let me tell you how simple the Strawberry Banana Bread is.  You take a simple STRAWBERRY CAKE MIX, mix it as the directions state then add a cup or so of mashed bananas (I think I added about 4 mashed bananas) and bake as the cake directions.  I just baked mine in loaf pans.  When you get ready to serve you can drizzle with some icing.  



  1. Ok, gonna try this for the fourth time. Your baked goods look so yummy. I think I might have to find me a dehydrator!!! Have a great week!

  2. Did you know you can freeze bananas? I used to take them out of the peel and pop into freezer bags - use 3 to make a banana bread or muffins. Now - I just leave them in the peel and it works the same. I always have some in the freezer for baking.